Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Sunday I decided I needed to make a different version of the Coleus Garden Quilt.This quilt is hanging at shop Kimz Sewing Center. This time I have used my very small collection of funky modern fabrics. It includes fat 1/4's of Love by Amy Butler, Spirographix, Oz by Sanae, Snippets by American Jane. Also a stray blue with white dot, an odd scrap of orange and yellow and a couple of other fabrics. To my surprise they have all come together, and I think the quilt top looks great. Can't wait to get the borders of red and orange on. I hope to have a photo for you next week when it is quilted and finished. It is such a simple block/pattern to make. I have made this in a couple of different combinations. My first size blocks were 21/2"sq + 5"sq +71/2"sq, plus seam allowance.  A combination of blocks are joined to make a 15"square. Three 15" blocks across x three down with a 5" border makes a quick lap quilt. This time I'm making 3" + 6" + 9". Another combination is 4" + 8" + 12", or for a real challenge try 2" + 4" + 6" or even smaller try, 1" + 2" + 3". Have a go it's fun.  I have taught this class to lots of ladies and they love it. It is also a great way to use many leftover scraps.

Mr J and I have also been working in the yard over the last couple of Saturdays. Slowly, very slowly the block wall is starting to take shape. The deal was Mr J build the wall and my job was to bring the retaining wall block to the backyard. Because I can only lift the wheelbarrow with three blocks at once, it has been a long process. My tuckshop arms aren't so flabby this week, and boy am I wrecked. During the week I ordered a couple of rainwater tank garden beds from Foley's in Nambour. We borrowed the trailer from FIL to collect them on Saturday. The tank beds have changed the look of the garden so quickly. Now I just have to mulch the beds up and plant seedling in the next couple of weeks. By the time the grass covers the path everything should have settled and is fruiting and flowering. 

I try to have something baked and cooked on Fridays if we are working in the yard over the weekend. Last week I made a Zucchini Bread loaf  for smoko's (morning and afternoon tea) and Ratatouille to have with steak and potato bake for dinner. It's a  great comfort food to have after a big day in the yard working.

We are looking after my  FIL's dog Alice also for a couple of days. There is a bit of tension in the yard at the moment. I have to feed Alice with Charlie in his house and Koda in the laundry. Alice is have her yard time with Charlie in the laundry. Poor Alice she is so frail and only visiting for a couple of days so I don't want to stress her with a young snappy Charlie. Here is Koda who  doesn't give a dam until there is food around. Now Charlie is barking because a possum has just run across the roof of the house, and made a heap of noise.


Koda watching Mr J


Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon today at the TAFA in Caloundra. The girls were having a Free Motion Quilting class with Fiona. It was nice to catch up with everyone, old and some new members. If you go to CACA website http://caloundraartsandcrafts.org.au, you will see their Fish Challenge from the CACA Fair. The girls have done a fantastic jobs with their fish,  They look great.

In the following photo are my friends who where pointing out their favorite piece from the Buderim Textile group's challenge. It was part of the Quilt Show from last weekend. The theme for the show was Forrest. There were some great pieces of work. The girls are amazingly talented.

Well, the Pumpkin soup is nearly ready for tonight dinner, so I will sign off, until next time.

Happy stitching

Cathy H