Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm back home

We arrived back last Sunday got home about 1am, I was just so tired for two days afterwards. I suffer from jet-lag really badly,  Mr J can't understand why he never has any trouble. If you saw any of our travel blog you will see we had a fantastic holiday. It's great to be home to see family and catch up with friends. So Monday and Tuesday was the washing and ironing. I had a call from Spotlight to work stocktake in furnishings on Wednesday and then a class on Thursday at Kimz. So busy.......  The house is a mess and my Studio looks like a bomb has gone off in there. I did a workshop in Brisbane with Hollis Chatelain before going away and unpacked everything but nothing got put away. After the disappointment of my quilt Featherwood Forest at the Maleny Quota Quit show  I just looked at the mess and didn't know where to start, so I have been cooking instead. The house work and Studio can wait
until next week. I baked Sour Cherry tarts with home made short pastry, Yum!!! and also made a Moroccan  Vegetable soup. I also made a Korma curry for dinner tonight. I'm heading down to Brisbane today to the Textile Show with my friend Helen K, and I'm driving so that's going to be fun.  Thank you to all for your cards and messages regarding my sister Christine.  We had a phone call on Wednesday night from Christine's son Michael to say that his wife Nicole has just found out that they are having a baby, it will great to have a new baby in the family again I know Christine would be very happy too. Life goes on. 

That's about all my news this week.

Delicious Sour Cherry Tarts


  1. Welcome back Cathy... the cooking sounds delicious... hope the textile show was lots of fun... and congrats on the news of a new baby for Michael and Nicole... that is so special...

    Jenny x

  2. THhank you for your visit too Cathy - I do hope things have settled for you. I was sad to read of your sister's death - My sincere condolances. It sound like your holiday away was well deserved.


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