Thursday, December 1, 2011

What happened to November

Where has the time gone, November has just about finished, I'm still trying to catch up with projects from September well... maybe October..... Well I'm a bit late in posting this......It is now the 1 December and we had great rain yesterday...........

I finally have the nine blocks of the Sampler quilt together. I have machined appliqued one of the corners of  border. It is coming together nicely.... even if I say so myself. I will post a photo of the completed quilt top after it has been on display for the Xmas party at Kimz Sewing Center next week. 

I had a get together with the girls the other weekend and forgot to take photo's.... I got caught up with teaching and didn't think of it. This year we are having lunch out for our Xmas breakup. We opted to have lunch at one of the Cafe's in Maleny....can't complain about that....and after lunch we decided that we should visit Ann at Quiltopia and Bev at Maleny Magic....looking forward to that.

This is Patsy's quilt from my class at Kimz. Check out my other blog form the shop.. It's such a stunning quilt.....I just had to show you

Jens and I went to Brisbane for a Xmas party and we decided to stay for the night. We meet up with some friends old and new, who were from out of town also, at the Bavarian Bar to catch up before getting ready to go out. It was so nice sitting a the bar looking out over the river and catching up with everyone. As we walked back to our Motel we saw marking along the buildings that showed the levels of the floods in January. Oh boy it would have been really scarey to be there then. It's incredible how quickly they cleaned up and reopened. One restaurant the Jellyfish has a story on their glass door about the flood. It said that the waters reached the ceiling. The restaurant looks great now and well supported by locals....

View from our balcony at the Median

Sunday morning we decided to check out the new markets at the old Boggo Rd jail. The jail was closed many years ago. They had a Guide talking about the history of the jail but it was not easy to hear everything he was saying so.....

The art work on the wall was unreal

I don't know what has been happening there since.... but the markets weren't bad... it was extremely hot and there was not a lot of shade...I think we will go back there in winter time...bought some delicious sour dough bread there..... and garlic Turkish bread...yummy!!!

On our way home we decided we would have a look at Pinkinbah and Donnybrook. They are two places that you see all the time and never have time to visit.. Well, Pinkinbah is well, what can I say, not a lot going on there on a Sunday and Donnybrook, a very, very sleepy fishing village. When we got home at lunch time and I picked some cucumber, tomatoes to have with the sour dough bread and mango smoothies whilst relaxing and watching old cowboy movies on kind of afternoon....Jens had a snooze in his recliner chair...

I have not been doing too much in the garden lately. I did mulch with hay a couple of weeks ago, and I think that is keeping the plants going at the moment.  It has warmed up lately and had no good rain for weeks so everything is struggling...

I don't know how these capsicum are surviving there is hardly any decent foliage but the fruit looks great and is nice and tasty.

The chives and tomatoes growing between the butterfly flowers and they are doing very well.

This area is starting to look really good now... the turf that I laid has taken off... nice and always green, loves that sun and shade.


I have some Rosella's and lettuce growing here... so far they are doing really well.....  lots of flowers an the Rosella. I will try drying them for Rosella tea.. and maybe some jam......

Hey..... we actually have apples on our tree this year, they look great.... but unfortunately the fruit fly will have attacked then...... so they chooks will enjoy them....

I'm off to the shop today, I have a class and then a visit to the dentist.........I had a filling fall out on the weekend......lucky it is not hurting..

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I will be........I will post photos next week..

Happy stitching



  1. Hi Cathy, Your sampler quilt looks fantastic - love the yellow! Great post and I look forward to seeing you in Quiltopia! after your lunch - hopefully I didn't miss you on the weekend... Ann.

  2. Gorgeous sampler quilt Cath... loving the yellow... so bright and happy and Patsy's quilt is beautiful too... wonderful design...
    Sounds like Brisbane was fun and lovely garden pics... glad you had some good rain... heard it had been dry...

    take care
    Jenny R


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