Monday, March 5, 2012

Free motion quilting

I see a lot of bloggers are doing the FMQ Challenge and following Leah Day..........I think all the post are great. Love to be able  see to what other people are doing. I have been FM Quilting for a couple of years now, and instead of practicing new designs on sandwich scraps I have started to make pot holder and place mats with quilt sandwiches. It is not such a waste of product and you can try out different threads as well........ I have also made a shaggy quilt with quilting design in the center instead of just doing a X through the middle. It turned out pretty good.

the green and brown one has a printed fabric on the back and I just followed that pattern 

my favourite


The pot holders as so easy to make I just cut out two pieces of fabric and one of batting at 61/2" sq and used the bottom of a cup to curve the corners. After the quilting they are bound with normal binding......

Happy quilting



  1. these look great Cathy - I like the curved corners too

  2. Good thinking 99! Need some more potholders. Glad you like our bat flower - don't think anyone could sit down & design anything like it!Gotta love nature.

  3. Fabulous Cath... practicing whilst being productive... love the pot holders...

    Jenny x


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