Sunday, July 15, 2012

A big thank you to my friends for such a great day

Just after Easter, I thought that it would be a good idea to have a Xmas in July party just for something there are just so many party in December........I had also organized to have the outside of the Studio painted in June and it would be nice fresh and clean........well... we have had so much rain the painter is about 2 months behind in his work and I am about the same.......the idea of digging around looking for Xmas decorations was not so appealing at the beginning of this I sent out a email saying how disorganized I was and we would have a social day instead.......the ladies came along and we all had a lovely day even the sun came out for a little while

Joan, Barb, Ellen and myself
 all the ladies bought a small plate of food to share....we had home made Sushi, meat ball, chicken salad sandwiches, homemade cakes, slices and quiche and a little was a little feast

some of the yummy food for lunch

Lynne and June

Pat and Patsy


Heather and Margaret

and the ladies bought along some show and tell.......
Patsy showing her cushion top to Barb

June, Lynne and myself showing off our applique
Lynne's thangle star quilt top

this a the backing for Lynne's star quilt

Barb's wall hanging of her beautiful Geisha Girl there are so many different techniques in this piece

Patsy showing her Bargello table runner
Margaret showing her convergence quilt with the under water scene and mermaids

Sandra with her ( wip) wall hanging from the Helen Godden workshop....this piece is called Princess Sea-anna

Joan showing her beautiful work

Ellen bought along her felting to show us....

Margret and Joan looking at another piece of Joan's work.....

Ladies looking Sandra's piece with the African animals on it

Kaylene checking out her photos
Jens set up a small table for the ladies to have a go at doing a jigsaw that I bought last year when we were on holidays in the USA......a couple of the ladies were was amazing how much they did........there are 1000 pieces and finished it is 16" x 11"........

The day was also a way of starting another challenge for those who wanted is a silly game that we like musical chairs.....but you have a piece of ugly fabric......and everyone's idea of ugly is different....anyway.....we stand in a circle and when the music starts you pass your fabric around until the music stops..........then we snip the fabric and then rip it in then keep one piece and get ready to pass the other piece around...and keep repeating this so that you end up with 7 different pieces of fabric ranging from a half meter to a square about 4''sq....... we then have 12 months to make something with these fabrics.....where you can add one more piece of can dye, paint, stamp your fabric and add as much embellishment to it as you like..... 

these are the fabrics for our new challenge.......they are not as scary as last time....

Heather's piece from the Xmas 2010 challenge

Sandra's piece from the 2010 Xmas challenge

these are some of the challenge fabric from 2010
I hope everyone has had a great weekend with their family and friends

Cathy xo

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