Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some garden goings on

It has been raining for about 3 days now I have no idea how much rain we have had this time, but on Monday they said on the radio that we had 3" or the rain water tanks are over flowing again.......I have been trying to get the garden beds ready for planting, after being a bit of a drought the soil in these beds are I have been adding a lot of cow, sheep manure and get them ready to plant out some vegetable seedlings ........and of course some flower seedlings.......this was written on Wednesday.....we have had a little more rain since then...maybe 150ml or 6"  

I have a struggling watermelon plant that we have had 2 huge delicious watermelon from.....the first melon I picked I struggled lifting it......and the second melon weight 14kg and had no trouble lifting that one ...I should have weighted the first melon......the melons were cut up and shared so that they would not get wasted.....I have a heap of tiny melons growing now

I have been going along to the Eudlo Permaculture Group for about 18 months now....I found it a bit of a struggle as our garden is neither established or Organic......but we are taking little steps to build a productive garden that produces ongoing crops.........I found  that our plants only have one crop and then that's it......there is something that I'm not doing this year we are rebuilding the beds.....using the layering style again with a better water system...I found that under neath the mulch the soil was dry, so we need to fix that ......

Anyway....the other weekend some the members of the  Permaculture group visited a members garden........when I arrived there is this huge driveway to walk up, up and heck of a way to get the heart going......had to sit down and have a cuppa and enjoy some delicious pumpkin scones before we had a look at the garden....they were the best scones that I have had for many years......

enjoying a cuppa on Jane's veranda

I hope you enjoy the following photos from Jane's very productive garden.....

Jane's worm farms

beautiful bush land beside their property

this is a small fig tree
I was loved the stamping oo the concrete

Hope you enjoyed our visit to Jane's garden.......

Happy gardening ....Cathy


  1. Loving the look of your watermelon Cathy... what a beauty... and more rain... it has really been coming down... we would love some more down this way... Jane's garden is gorgeous... loved the stamped concrete too... and the views are beautiful... what a wonderful place to enjoy pumpkin scones...

    Jenny ♥

  2. it has not rained more than a few points for so long, the garden here is just waiting for some moisture from above.


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