Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Decision made....were booked....

My husband text me the other week and it said....Ok were booked..were going to New Zealand for 2 weeks and leaving on Easter Sunday.....we had spoke about going on a holiday to celebrate hubby's 50th birthday and to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary but not settled on where or when......Hubby had booked a car and 5 nights in Queenstown.....the rest of the time we will take it as is comes........

We had an amazing time.....I have no photos yet as they have been downloaded onto my hubby's external hard drive.....and since we have returned everything is just hectic.....will upload some photos next the moment I have unpacked wash and repacked as I am heading to Melbourne tomorrow for the Australasian Quilter Convention and my friends Sandra and Angela are going as well.....I have got tickets for the lectures with David Taylor and Judy Coats Perez.....looking forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts on display, seeing all the new products available and new fabrics.......going to Amitie Textiles tomorrow afternoon....can't wait.....until next week....hope everyone has a great weekend......

Happy Stitching  - - - -



  1. Have fun in Melb....look forward to the photos of your trip

  2. What a great holiday - look forward to the photos - have fun in Melbourne - those lectures should be great.


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