Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It certainly does not take long to get back into routine after coming back from holidays.....Jens was lucky enough to be able to take another weeks holiday and spent 3 days clean up the tree....most of the tree was loaded onto the trailer and went to the dump and we kept the cut up trunk for future BBQ's.....I was going to help but I was just too busy working....usually it's the other way around......Jens also spent time in the garage putting in some more shelving and had a big tidy up......I won"t be able to find anything in there now......maybe that was the idea.....

Anyway......I got the photos from hubby of the Croc's that the guys saw in the Prosperine river......I'm glad I never went on this outing......

The guys said that these croc's were between 4-5 m.......that's as big as the boat they were in.......just makes me shudder....

Following are photos of the road signs that are along the Marlborough is such a long and boring drive.....someone came up with a great idea to amuse the driver and family......

And of course there are the animal signs.....

and there are Trivia questions....

and then there are plenty of these signs

We haven't driven interstate for many I don't know if the Trivia questions are just a Queensland thing or not.......

Until next time......have a great day.......Cathy


  1. Maybe, have never seen any in SA. Good idea though. I can still remember asking my dad, are we there yet?

  2. I haven't seen any trivia question signs here in my part of NSW so perhaps it is just a Qld thing. Sounds like a good idea.
    The crocs are scary. I'm not sure I'd feel safe enough eve in the boat.

  3. Love the croc pictures - so sharp!

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of all those great signs. I've never seen trivia questions. I like the ones that say are we there yet. So funny!! Big Crocadiles would make me nervous. They just look like big mean eating machines!

  5. The signs are so funny! What a great idea!


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