Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new old machine

It has been a while since my last post, there has been so much happening in the garden and my studio. This year I had my 50th birthday and had the choice of a trip to New York and the Grand Canyon or a Longarm (who's a lucky girl). The holiday was my first choice, of course. It was a fantastic holiday and I can't wait to go back.

At Monument Valley what an amazing place.......

 On Brooklyn Bridge

Over the years I have been to Quilting Festival to do workshops and workshops by Sharon Schamber in Brisbane. In Sharon's class recently she mentioned that I would have a longarm soon. I brushed that remark away, but 2 weeks later a old machine was up for sale and I had first option.  My friend Sandra works at a curtain and soft furnishing business and they had the longarm there that was not being used and decided to sell it. We did a little homework and contacted Nolting in America, they said the machine is 20yrs old. It may be old but she goes and is solid as a rock. So I bought it and then we realised that it would not fit in the Studio. So after talking to Kim at work we have set the machine up in the shop. It is so big, the table is 4.3m long and the arm is 30" wide. I am in the process of changing the wheels, I don't think they have been replaced since the machine came off the production line. Also the hand grips need to be updated and starter switch is a little sluggish. I can't wait to get her going and start quilting.

Machine and table loaded up and ready to go to the shop

Unloading at the shop

Mr J, Sandra and Nic

Sandra is always there for support

Stacey helping out also. 

Sandra and myself

Kim checking out the machine

So before the machine came into my life I have been busy in the vegetable garden. I have all the garden beds ready to go and I planted out about 200 seedlings mixing flowers and vegetable seedling through all the gardens, and everything is growing really well. I have already picked spinach, lettuce, zucchinis and celery for our meals. We are enjoying been able to be a little self sufficient by growing some of our food and having chooks in the backyard.  When you can pick and eat it within an hour, the flavour and taste of the food is incredible. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

I had a get together yesterday in the Studio. Sandra has finished her Sample quilt and stitched some hexagons and Lorraine started the Pickle dish quilt from one Kaffe's book and bought along her finished wall hangings, they look great.

I raided the scrap basket to try out a new template that I bought from Kimz shop. I have also finished the top of a couple of quilts so that I can practice on the longarm. I think I have about 5 tops ready now, I have been offered many tops to practice on by friends too.

Lorraine's wall hanging

Lorraine version of Dianne Johnson pattern

I have nearly finished this quilt
I hope you enjoy the photos from our garden 

Cheers Cathy


  1. Cath, your garden looks fabulous and I can only imagine how delicious everything is... love your holiday pics and how exciting with the Longarm.... am sure it will be a very welcome addition... so happy that Sharons prediction came true :))

    Have a wonderful week...
    Jenny R

  2. Your gardens look great. And an airedale?? We have one too, enjoyed Down to Earth Alice posts, in fact thats how we found you.
    Thank you for sharing your blog, and hope to see more of your Kode! Seems like you have many dales in Australia, see youtube, "ptolomy and gertrude and molly", just so sweet.


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