Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Textile and Sample quilts

I made it to the textile group on Monday late of course and had to leave early. It was great to see so many ladies there. Margaret W is doing a fantastic job for the group, she has organized so many visitors to come and advise, critique, encourage and take us out of our comfort zone. At the last meeting Margie P came along to talk to the girls about their work, to help us with future projects, and Noel is going to show us composition and colour in up coming classes.

The girls have been working on a colour challenge/project. We could choose from Earth, Wind, Water, and then each month we repeat our blocks in split complimentary, monochromatic, shades of grey, complimentary. analogous, triadic. The challenge started in July, I am way out of my comfort zone, so I am still procrastinating over what I'm going to do. When I see the pieces that the ladies have done, I find even harder to start.

Junee, what can I say this is unreal

Just amazing

This is Jo's work but not part of the challenge

What do I need to do get going with this challenge!!

I have so many half done projects and now the new/old  machine. I feel as though I'm sinking in a sea of stuff. My way of dealing with all this is to go and play in the garden.  Well there is my answer, finish half done projects and get rid of useless stuff.

Some of the completed blocks

Anyway talking about half done projects, I have been working on a sample quilt for up coming classes. Most of the blocks are done, now I have decided to do an applique border and  I change one of the fabric using the red fabric in the block.

I have searched high, low, locally, interstate and afar to no avail. So I'm hoping someone may have seen this fabric in a store. I only need a half a meter/yard.

Help ............where can I find this fabric.
I just love this pin cushion...........

This pincushion is my type of challenge, I had so much fun doing the free motion stitching..............

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  1. Beautiful challenge pics Cath... stunning... your work is always amazing so can't wait to see what you come up with...
    Love your pin cushion...

    Jenny x


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