Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's been a while since I have blogged, but life is busy. The garden is blooming and zucchinis are growing out of proportion. Lettuce is bolting and the grape vine is just going crazy. I didn't get a chance to cut back the vine again this year and now there be about 300 baby bunches of fruit.
This lettuce was so tasty it only took us a few days to eat it..yum....

This is the grape vine canopy two weeks ago

The canopy last Sunday

We have also be eating snow peas, cherry tomatoes, beans and lettuce nearly everyday. I tend to have a little taste when I'm watering in the afternoons. Eating a baby carrot just picked is (after it has been washed) what it's all about. I'm still learning  the gardening process and I have found that we will short on salads soon, as I have not replanted early enough. We have lost a couple of the iceberg lettuce because of the heavy rainstorms that we have had lately. It's all trial and error.

I finally got to the Permacultue Eudlo meeting earlier this month, what a great little group. This Sunday we are going to visit a member's garden, that we be interesting to see how they work their backyard. I got a couple of cutting and a bottle of worm casting liquid. We have our own worm farm but when Charlie was staying with us he drank all the liquid. I bought a box of garden light and set them around the vege plot, it looks a little like a fairyland at night time.

Pathway for possum's at night
News from the Studio, I have nearly finished doing the 3-6-9 quilt, for a 60"sq quilt I have gone overboard and used over 500m of thread in the top for machine quilting. I have also pieced half of the friendship basket blocks using a 3/4" nine patch with a mustard center as posts, it's looking good. My last post has photos of the blocks, post new photo's soon.

I have finished the log cabin quilt with a twist. The finished block is 20"sq, and the strip are 2" wide. I decided to do add school house quilting down the middle of each strip, and around the center block. It made for a lot of extra work, but I like it.

Last Sunday I was the gofer (morning tea and lunch lady) at the Textile Group in Caloundra; they were doing a machine-felting workshop with Felicity Clark from Brisbane. Oh boy is her work is incredible.............

Photos of the girls doing the felting workshop

At our last meeting we started a small challenge. We have two groups of six, and our leader Margie W from ( and Joan M cut up a picture for each group, so that everyone received a small piece that we have to enlarge and recreate in any textile medium we choose. I'm sure my picture has the most pieces in it. Anyway, it could be interesting...........

Not sure they were talking about textiles

This Fiona showing off her last piece
Ellen's felted bag
Mollie's beautiful book cover

I hope you enjoy the photos in my blog.

Until next time,

Happy stitching Cathy

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful Cath... and so delicious ... there really is nothing quite like homegrown... your quilt is gorgeous... love the bright colors and the felting is divine... fab pics... lots been happening :))

    Jenny R x


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