Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look what can happen in 24 hrs

 I have been blogging since April and yesterday when I was checked my page I noticed that I had 798 visitors. It got me thinking I wonder how long it will take to reach 1000. 

Our garden in Spring time

Then about lunch time I had an email from Rhonda saying that she was kindly linking  me to her blog list. Thanks Rhonda.. Well, since then I am amazed at how many people from all over the world have had a look at my blog. Thank you to everyone who visited me...  I just checked my counter and I have had 1501 visitors... amazing......

A bag I made to take to Classes

I hope you enjoyed what I have written over the last couple of months. Before I started blogging I never ready did a lot of writing, birthday and Xmas cards only ever had To .... and From Cathy in them. I have to say I do enjoy writing and leaving messages and posts for all to read. 

The first couple of posts I got my husband to read them first and he would edit them for me. It has taken a little while to get use to it all, and to always having my camera with me to take interesting photos. My husband urged/pushed me into the blogging. I never really knew what to write about, I just started out writing about what was happening in the Studio and my friends would tell me enjoyed reading the posts. I then started to write about my other interests, and things have progressed from that. 

A quilt I made for my Dad

Ann from also gave me some good advice, to help me find interesting sites and become a follower. I have encouraged my friends to also blog, and we are now having blogging nights. It a chance for us all to get together and help each other.
Still working on this quilt, hopefully I will have it finished this week

 I hardly read any patchwork and quilting magazine in the morning now while having breakfast. My routine in the morning now is turn the laptop on, put the kettle on, turn the radio on, make the coffee and start looking at the other peoples blog posts. Some days the time just fly's, there are so many interesting people writing about their patchwork/quilting, cooking, gardening, travels and personal life.    

Thanks again for visiting I hope you all have had a great weekend, and maybe you will visit again....



  1. Your quilts are beautiful and you look so happy! Nice photos and very inspirational. Happy Days ~ Kari

  2. Blogging is amazing! I LOVE IT! My Blog is just about our lives and what we are up to and once in awhile I rant... yes I rant about whatever has hit a nerve or frustrated me simply to "get it off my chest". Thankfully those are few and far between. The rest is just about our adventure called LIFE. I love reading and following blogs; so many delightfully interesting people in this world to be sure.

  3. Your quilts are stunning! Beautiful work - I am so inspired :)

  4. this blogging has certainly changed our daily routine starts out like yours these days...cuppa, then computer on and surfing thing I know 2 or 3 hours have passed and nothing is done...I lose sooo much creativity time now...mmmm...I should be quilting...but never mind, least I have plenty of inspiration....:)nice to see you here..I will add yours to my favorites...

  5. I'm a regular visitor to Rhonda's blog. Just visited you today and love your quilts. Jean, Brisbane

  6. It does feel weird when you first start blogging - now, like you, my camera is always close by & I think - this will be good on the blog - I luv it.

  7. Yep, someone with a really popular blog mentioning a new blog does seem to work wonders for your stats. And of course whoever sees your gorgeous quilting will definitely want to come back for more. Quilting is very high up on my list of things to do. Actually, I think it's the patchwork part of it more than the quilting that appeals to me. I can't sew though (two shopping bags are all I've done and they were just before I moved and I still haven't gotten around to getting back into it - even though I moved three years ago!). I'll get there one day. So far the only thing I've done is build up a stash, which is entirely the wrong place to start.

    I picked up some knitting last week for the first time in nearly a year so maybe I'm in for a crafty winter after all this year. Time will tell.


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