Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do I dare ask........?

I love going to Quilt Shows.....This was the first time to the Melbourne show, I went to the first Quilting Convention in Adelaide a couple of years ago and have been to the Brisbane Quilt Show in October quite a few much as I really enjoy the hustle and bustle these shows I love going to the small country town Quilt Shows too.....The atmosphere of a country quilt show in Winter were everyone is rugged up, the aroma of home made soup, and home baked slices that are available for lunch, 3 or 4 stalls of retailers and 35 beautiful quilts to see is pleasant way to spend a day......

At all of these quilt show I ask permission to take photos of the my memory is getting worse these is a way to remember the quilts and the day......I think these days quilt makers know that their quilt will at some stage be photographed by someone they know and don't know......I like to think that we take photos of other peoples quilts for our own use and to show our friends and family what we saw on display.....these days with blogging our friends are from all over the world......I follow quite a few blogs from many country's and it is great when someone has been to a Quilt Show and have put a little video together or uploaded photos so that I can see quilts from somewhere in USA, England or gives us an opportunity to see new ideas in design and colour.....

So if we upload photos of what we have seen at any of these Quilt Shows and have permission from the White Glove Ladies is that breaching Copyright........?

While we ponder this question here are some more photos from the weekend....

There were so many beautiful quilts on display....I was talking to some ladies who were involved in the show and they asked which was my favourite.....there was no way you could choose just two favourite were the ones done by the ladies mentioned in yesterdays post.....

Just had to take this photo........

Happy Stitching  - - - - -



  1. Glad you took so many photos to enable those of us who can't get there to enjoy it all too.

  2. Wow! What a brilliant couple of posts,the quilts are fantastic, I always preface my work by saying 'I'm not a quilter'but your pics
    make me wish I was.I'm really taken with the colour shift in the Margaret Rolfe quilt.

  3. Thanks for your pics - maybe I'll get there one day! We only have 2 fairs to choose from here in WA.

  4. A very timely post regarding taking photos at shows.

    I think the correct thing to do if photos are allowed AND if posting on the internet is also OK is to name the quiltmaker next to the quilt.

    Identifying the creator is a nice way to give credit. Some people feel that photos of other people's quilts can't be posted without asking prior. So if I take a photo of a quilt at a show, I follow it up with a photo of the name of the maker. If I know the quilter, I'll always ask. I appreciate that's not always possible...

  5. Thanks for coming to visit my posting of quilts - I would love to get to Melbourne one day. You certainly saw some beauties too.


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