Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A couple more photos from the Caloundra Quilt Show....


Debbie's quilt

Lorraine's quilt  a wedding present for her Grandaughter


another one from Lorraine

Cathie's quilt

Sandie's quilt

Liza''s quilt....love the fabrics used in this quilt

Myra's quilt

Lyn's quilt

Jill's quilt

another one from Lorraine

Margaret D's quilt

another one from Liza....this quilt is made with silk...just love this quilt

another one from Lyn

Joan's quilt

Del's quilt.....2 weeks to make this

Judy's quilt

Del's quilt

another colourful quilt from Liza......made from silk and cotton...so vibrant....  

Amazing quilts and the quality of workmanship is outstanding.....more photos tomorrow.....



  1. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful quilts!!!

  2. Just can't be in two places at once - thanks for showing us these - look forward to more.

  3. Lovely quilts, thanks for the quilt show


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