Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Antique quilts......

On Thursday at Kim's shop a couple of ladies came in inquiring about getting a crazy patch quilt repaired.......of course both Kim and I said that Helen and her mother Jeannie would have to speak to Jenny Clouston who is the Queen of Crazy Patch ( ) on the Sunshine Coast.......anyway after chatting to Helen a little more we found out the the quilt was made in 1884 and belonged to her Grandmother Sylvia...... OMG....and has been in the family for a long time but they do not know the whole we said not to do anything to the quilt and that they need to go to the Buderim Craft Cottage on the 23 July as there is a talk about antique quilts.....and before Helen left I got her phone number to keep in contact.....

So on Friday I made a cheeky phone call to Helen and asked if Jenny and I could go around to have a look on the today we went and had a look......Jenny was about to cry when she saw the quilt because it is so beautiful.......we oohed and oh my goshed over it for nearly and hour.....and Helen and Jeannie said that we can take some photos.....and made morning tea for us as nice

here is Jenny and Helen

can you see the date

blocks that were not finished

They also had a patchwork quilt that we estimated was handmade in the 1920' I lifted this quilt up you could see through  the quilt and see the uneveness of the stretched out cotton balls that they used for the batting.......I loved this quilt as much as Jenny loved the crazy quilt............

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The stars in this quilt were made from the scraps left over from making the men's shirts.....

Jenny and I had a lovely  morning looking at such beautiful quilts and spending time talking about the history of the family and their quilts......I hope you all also had a great day.....

Until next time.......

Cathy the way Jenny  is due to have a book released on Crazy Patch soon.....through C&T Publishing


  1. Beautiful quilts!! I love all the embroidery on the crazy patch quilt and any quilt using that cheddar yellow like in the other quilt wins my heart, I love that colour.

  2. Deep envy Cathy, old quilts especially ones that have had a hard life make me quite emotional. I like to find fragments of them which I use in my work on memory and time.

  3. Hi Cathy - is Dr Annette Gero giving the talk on 23rd July? If so, she will just love this quilt - hope the owners are going along - this is something really special.

  4. Oh my gosh Cathy... such treasures... I especially love the crazy patch... what beautiful keepsakes they both are... so glad you got to see them both... hope you are having a wonderful weekend...

    Jenny ♥


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