Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bits and Pieces

What wonderful weather we had at the Sunshine Coast for Easter......a great time to work in the garden, clean out out the garage, catch up with odd jobs and housework.......

This post is a bit short on photos this time..........on Friday afternoon we invited Rhonda and Hanno and Kerry over for drinks and nibbles as we have not seen them since our Australia Day bbq.......we also invited Sandra and our neighbours.....a great time had by all....I have so much Basil growing in the garden at the moment so I decided to have a go at making Pesto using walnuts.....yumo it was delicious with rice crackers and a couple of ales.....and sorry no photos.....Rhonda bought her new camera over but I don't think she ended up with any photos either....anyway...

On Saturday we got stuck into cleaning out the garage as we need to make some room to put a secondhand upright freezer that we hope to buy soon......we have a huge chest freezer that holds all of our surplus of dog and chook works really well....but I find it too hard to get stuff out of it....anyway....Bardo's the charity store at Caloundra were very happy when we unloaded the car's amazing the stuff we keep and have not  used in's all gone now....

On Sunday we were invited to friends place for drinks in the afternoon.....unbeknown to me it was a surprise birthday party for me......and it was bubbly wine to celebrate, party hats, pink balloons, party lights, chocolate eggs everywhere, more wine, delicious food, homemade ice cream and to finish off a delicious cake......and I didn't take my camera so no photos....... 

So on Monday it was a quite calls from my family for my birthday.....I had a lovely morning in the studio working on my Spectrum Wheel of Life page and sorting out some hand work......hubby served breakfast for us on the verandra after he returned from taking photos of the sunrise at Caloundra......

So enough about me......last Thursday at the shop the ladies have been busy working on their projects....


Tania's Circle Game all finished



the lovely Angela made us all these little Easter gifts......

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter for 2014........



  1. Happy Birthday Cathy... how lovely to have a surprise party.... sounds like you have been busy again... love the sound of the pesto as well... and beautiful show and tell at the shop... see you soon...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Happy happy happy birthday! Great quilts too.

  3. Happy Birthday for Monday, Cathy. Tania's quilt looks great. See you soon.

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)

  5. Happy belated Birthday!! It's sounds like you had a great day and a fun Easter too. It's always fun seeing quilt show and tell. That Circle Game is a real beauty!

  6. found you through denthes link, your painting is beautiful!!!! your quilts are fab too :)


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