Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday ....again...

Well it's Monday morning again.....oh boy are the weeks flying by.....

Jens and I have been so busy constructing garden beds and building up soil and sorting out drains, moving turf and replanting in other areas of our back yard........I have just been out checking how it is all working after a night of drizzling looks a though there are still one or two things that need to be changed......I have also planted out nearly 50 Daylilys in the front yard last week...they seem to thrive in this area so lets hope they all take....only time will tell......

Apart from the garden I have been doing more charity quilt on the longarm and a couple of customer quilts.

I used a Pantograph to quilt this quilt for  Maria.... who made it in my class at the Laura May P 'n' Q shop
This is Jenny's quilt top from the same class 

and this is Virginia with her quilt that she ditched quilted on her machine

A friend came around the other day and quilted her Circle Game quilt on the Longarm.....

here is Tania freemotion quilting for the first time her quilt 

and here it is finished......

Another group of ladies have been busy making more blocks for their CG quilt.....

Jenny's blocks

?????'s block

Lorraine's block

Sandra's block

and here is Heather's all put together using the EPP method......just has the borders to go on now
There are another couple of ladies doing this class but I don't have any photos of their blocks......sorry June...Pam and Lyn.....

The ladies from my Thursday class have been doing an unreal job of our design your own Medallion quilt...... 
This is Angel's center with the first border

her is Libby's quilt with her second border on

and Deb's starting her second border

Sorry about the photo overload...........I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been teaching.....

Have a great week......and enjoy your Easter break.........Cathy


  1. Lots of beautiful and fun quilts! It's great to see the Circle Game blocks in lots of different colourways.

  2. lots of lovely things being produced at your place.....beautiful

  3. Don't apologize for photo overload -- it was great!


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