Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another busy week

Thank you to all that have taken the time to look at my blog and then sent me comments. It is so nice to hear what you think of my ramblings of our life, the garden and quilts. My friends all love my quilts, and tell me that they are great... but to hear it from strangers, from across the seas and around Australia is very encouraging. So thank you again.

Last timed I posted I was telling you that my friends Margret, Jenny, and Jane were coming over for a night of sewing. As we all have busy lives and work, so it gives us a chance to catch up, and we did solve a few problems in the world, and Margret needs more brights in  her African paper piecing project, and where Jenny could buy a nice bright backing fabric.

Jane listening intently
Margret waiting to see what Jenny is going to do

Jenny ready to attack the chocolate cake
 A good night had by all....

On Sunday morning I went to Cotton Tree Beach Park to walk with the JDRF.
This walk was a fundraising event to raise awareness and money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.
Cotton Tree is such a beautiful place...

Not sure how the fishing was

The TAFA Textile and Fiber Arts group is having a little challenge, Margie W and Joan decided tocut up 2 different copies of Hassanwasser's prints,( for 2 groups. We could recreate our part of the image in our favourite medium.  A you can see they are all very different, one is felted, one is painted, one is appliqued and stitched and one is corded and stitched. Don't they look great. Oh and one is missing, Molly is unable to do hers, so I am now doing it for her, and I'm putting them together. I will post photos when complete....

I have my Court house steps quilt hanging in the Kim's shop now, it has caught the attention of a few ladies. 

I have another photo of a different quilt with the same pattern as Splendour. This is Coleus Garden in Jane Sassaman fabrics with some purple Krystal fabric. I made this quilt a while ago for class at the shop. It has been very popular, because it is so easy to make.

Our upcoming weekend will be busy for us trying to catch up with jobs in the yard. I am hoping to do some work done on  the fence panels on one side of our yard, order some mulch, weed the gardens and mow.  Jens and I will both get stuck into all these jobs, although one of us does not like weeding. So that will be my job, and we share the mowing I do all the flat areas and Jens get to do the dusty hilly back section. We have to dip and worm the chooks. I need to clean out their coop again, it is job that I do regularly, and as it has not rained for a couple of weeks it will be a very dusty dirty job. My chooks... my job.  Today I need to bake so that it is easy to grab some food when we are working outside. I think a zucchini slice, vege soup and a date and lemon slice and maybe some Anzac biscuits. That should try us over for lunches, and smoko.

My Dad gave me some Dehlia bulbs many years ago and they come up every year, with very little attention

I hope everyone has a great weekend.......



  1. Hi Cathy, What an amazing garden, I look forward to seeing the results of the Hunderewasser on my return from HK. Thankyou for tackling the final piece in that set.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading all you accomplished this weekend! Congrats!

  3. Wow - dont you have a terrific garden. Have just been an had a lengthy visit to your blog - thouroughly enjoyed myself - :)
    Now I am off to get some sleep :(


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