Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another quilt finished.....

I finally finished my quilt. I am so pleased with it, love the colours. Coming up with  a name or a title for a quilt I find really hard. So out with the dictionary, I found a word meaning brilliant or gorgeous appearance, colouring. This certainly describes my quilt. So the title is Splendour, I hope you like it as much as I do.

The pattern I call 3-6-9, I wrote a post earlier this year on how to make it. It is such an easy top to make, it's the quilting that is time consuming.

In the last six months I have started to travel a very different path with my patchwork and quilting and I love it. My favourite colour way for many years was soft country which I still love, but I have this urge to just work with brighter fabrics at the moment. I feel like I have been pushed/shoved out of my comfort zone.....What does the future hold.....for my creative path.

This quilt I made last year I still think it's a lovely quilt. It's the same pattern as Splendour but looks so different in soft florals.

I have been out in the yard for a few hours this morning planting more lettuce, beetroot, more herbs and Asian veges, oh and of course more flower seedlings.

Jenny, Jane and Margret are coming around tonight for a get together. We try to meet once a month, but this year we have been a little slack. We do very little stitching but we solve many of the worlds problems, with a glass of wine and some cake later. I'm making chocolate cup cakes with raspberries and for an extra boost chocolate bits mixed together. It's quick and easy and they don't take long to bake, and then I think I will serve it with pink cream. 

I hope you all have a great night with your family and friends.....



  1. Always a great feeling - finishing a quilt - it looks great - will have to find the post on the pattern - looks like my type of quilt.

  2. Your quilt is "splendiforous" - this word is not in the dictionary - but, who cares!! AND your cake was delish -the pink icing - perfect!!

  3. The new quilt is striking! I love the previous one as well...and I never would have realized it's the same pattern. Amazing :)

  4. Your quilt is so wonderful! I love its bright and happy colours. Your dreamy version is beautiful too, just goes to show what a great pattern it is to look good in a variety of colours. Your cup cakes sound delicious especially served with pink cream!! Have a lovely time with your friends!

  5. Ilove both quilt colours cathy.How do we find the post with the instructions please? I m very new to the computer.


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