Monday, November 14, 2011

What a weekend

Well it all started on Friday morning, I decided to wash Koda so that I could give her a clip in the afternoon as it is really starting to warm up and has been very humid lately

hates having a bath

After that I got stuck into the kitchen and got some food cooked for the weekend and then, we mowed the lawn.

looks a bit too healthy

straight out of the oven,  yummmm!!!

What's next, can you guess

Our favourites Anzacs
Plenty of food for snacking while working in the yard.

here I am TA for the day
 A while ago I decided that we should cover part of the fence between our neighbors and us. There use to be a beautiful  yellow Alamanda covering the whole fence. When the neighbors did the extension on their house and  driveway everything need to be taken down. This was a couple of years ago. So I thought it was time to do something about covering it up again. We do get on well with our neighbors, it just the bare fence that I don't like. So with a little help from my Dad aka Curly we bought about 100 sheets of old roofing iron, from the Refuse Reuse at Hervey Bay. The price was cheaper to buy it in bulk and last weekend we borrowed the trailer from the neighbors so that we could bring the roofing iron back home.

all done .... looks good...yeah in about 3/6 months

I plan to full this area with some good mulch let it sit for a while then plant out yellow raspberries again and blueberries for next year. We have had great success with the raspberries before. I will also be planting white flowering vines along the fence, so in time it should look great.....

Jens and I were invited to Hanno and Rhonda's for morning tea on Sunday.... hot scones with homemade strawberry jam and coffee......

I got to see Rhonda's new book that is to be released in March 2012 ...... very nice book
congratulations Rhonda.

My dad Curly arrived on the train on Sunday to stay with us for a couple of days. When we were at Hervey Bay I was talking about a project for the backyard, because we have so much roofing iron. I had designed said project and Jens was going to make it for me, but was very unsure how it was going to go together. It has been challenging to built new gardens and has taken a couple of years to collect things like retaining wall blocks, cappers, garden beds. Jens is over it at times, but things are starting to take shape and Jens is getting use to the my arty farty ideas.

I think the redback will look good with a wire cobweb

Anyway, I was telling Curly about it, and low and behold he has had it all cut out and ready to go and Jens was grateful about this. So can you tell what it is that Curly and Jens are are a couple of clues

 How would you be, not too many backyards have an eight sided garden bed.....Lucky me....

Great job fellas....


The photographer of the day Sandra went next door onto their veranda to take some photos of the yard....

This is my Studio in the background that Curly and Jens built for me a few yeas ago

Look at the grape vine now, looks different from above


Happy times at the end of the day....... Enjoy all your special times together.....


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  1. The yard is looking great Cathy every weekend it looks better r and better r heee hhee


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