Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A quick trip, project half done and roses

I have just been to visit my Mum for her birthday. I don't usually jump in the car and drive for 2.5 hours to deliver a bunch roses from our garden. It was a lovely surprise for Mum and Dad. Dad sister Betty was there also, coming up from Victoria for a weeks holiday. We spent the afternoon with granddaughter and great grand kids, daughters, sisters and brothers. We sang happy birthday three times and had lots of chocolate cupcakes and many cups of tea. What a lovely afternoon we had together. I am so pleased I went up.

Roses for Mum

A trip home and a sewing get together with Heather and Margaret, boiled eggs for tea tonight and quite time in front of the TV working on Ufo's. I found a few blocks from a friendship swap that a group of us did in 2005. I would always look at these blocks and wonder what I was going to do to finish them off. When I laid the out on Monday I knew straight away how the quilt was going to be finished, even right down to how I am going to machine quilt it. Bit of a shock to think it all came to me just like that. Still amazed. Now to find some time to do it.
Friendship flower baskets

This weekend is the right time to plant leafy greens in the moon phase. Mr J and I are going to the Brisbane Organic Fair this Sunday to learn more about growing our vegetables and herbs. I am looking forward to
Caroline checking out Foleys water tanks
seeing what they will have available.

My sister Caroline and I went to the Nambour Garden Show in July and had a great time checking out all the stall and workshops. We went and listened to Sonya Wallace talk about worm farms and composting. We also listened to Leonie Shanahan talk about make a no dig garden.

Leonie and I

Since then I have made a no dig garden and have two zucchini plants that are producing very well.

I have had some help with the garden planning, out the front of our place is a large common area that has a few native trees. The trees are becoming rather tall and spindly, so I asked  Simon form Go Green Nursery if he could advise us on what to plant under the older trees. So far I have planted nearly 20 natives, and plan to plant about 10 more this weekend.  So that's the weekend taken care of. 

New plants

Grasses for the birds

The front garden is just lovely at the moment all the roses are in full bloom and the perfume is amazing. 

So this weekend, if you can, take "thyme to smell the roses" and  let the love grow...................<3


  1. Beautiful Cath... love your words at the end of your post... sounds like a wonderful family afternoon... love your roses as I bet your mum did too :)) lovely garden pics... have fun at the Organic Garden Fair this weekend...

    Jenny R x

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, Cathy & of course, that led me to yours - just love your garden - HofM (husband of mine) does our gardening in his own fashion - I try not to be too interfering. On the whole I do like what he is achieving - he just does it a little differently. I can sit in HerShed & take in his achievements - what more does a person need.


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